You may know William Jackson Harper from shows such as HBO’s “Love Life” and Netflix’s “The Good Place” but what you may not have known was how he wanted to quit acting. The actor stated that he had been beaten up enough before he landed on “The Good Place” and thought it would have been a relief to leave the industry before landing the Netflix series.

Harper touched on his new thriller mystery show “The Resort,” where he plays the character Noah to help solve a fifteen year mystery. The cast and crew trecked it down to a lovely resort and at times through a sketchy jungle down in Puerto Rico and the Dominican Republic for filming.

The show is not only a thriller mystery but it is also a coming of age love story and about a love that is matured, the disappointment of time and nostalgia. The first three episodes of “The Resort” drop tomorrow on Peacock.

This segment aired on the KTLA 5 Morning News on July 27, 2022.