DALLAS (KDAF) — Carnival and arcade games can be fun, but what’s better than getting a Wordle word puzzle in three tries? Wednesday’s Wordle word puzzle might prove a bit more difficult than Tuesday’s sweet five-letter word.

Since Monday’s difficult, win-streak-ending word, ‘knoll’, Wordle players are flocking to social media to post their green boxes to flaunt their Wednesday morning victory. Wednesday’s Wordle isn’t a small hill to climb or a spoonful of sugar but rather a word of many meanings and one used as slang to kill in old mafia/mobster films.

If you haven’t played Wordle 221 yet, and want your win streak either back on track or to continue on, we’ve got a hint or two for you.

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Hints below

Don’t let Wednesday’s word puzzle hit you over the head and get you out of proper order; just think of a healthy group of consonants with a lonesome vowel feeling like the Stealers Wheel hit song, Stuck in the Middle with You.

If you’re really stumped, take a deep breath and imagine you’re at a carnival or arcade and about to hit some moles with a large, soft, black mallet. Good luck and happy Wordle Wednesday!