DALLAS (KDAF) — Since the switch to the New York Times have you found a leak in your win streak? Wednesday’s Wordle just might be here to fix that.

Players have flocked to social media in the past few days since Wordle has made its way (officially) to the New York Times site to bring to the light the increase in difficulty in five-letter word solutions. Whether you like the changes or not, players are still giving their all in guessing the solution in six tries to come out with a win or another failure.

Wordle 242 is here, let’s not let those wins fall by the wayside if you haven’t played yet, we’ll pop up some helpful hints below to get your Wednesday trending in the right direction with a Wordle win.

Hints below

If you’ve ever worked in the home improvement industry or took it upon yourself to tackle some at-home projects, you’ve probably heard of or dealt with this word. Two vowels and three consonants make up this solution that can help those with a leak stop it up and make it tight. Give Wednesday’s Wordle a try and envision yourself squeezing a tube of sealant along some bathroom tile or even your windows.