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DALLAS (KDAF) — Five letters, one word, six tries, grey boxes, yellow boxes, green boxes — that is Wordle. Tuesday, Wordle 234 trends on social media as players flock to share their victories or demoralizing defeats.

Most mornings nowadays even if for a brief time period you can more than likely find Wordle trending on Twitter or other social media sites. Players will share their colored boxes in victory or defeat after attempting to guess the daily word puzzle; then, must wait for the next day to try it all again.

Monday’s Wordle was a simple one, one that held the key to a lesson as old as time, respect your elder(s). Tuesday’s solution is wanted to continue to win streaks or redeem a recent loss in hopes to get a new streak going. Check out our hints below to make sure you can get a Tuesday win.

Hints below

What’s that movie with Roger Rabbit? Well, whatever it is, it probably has something to do with Wordle 234. Put on your glasses that hold your lenses tight to make sure you can see the letters you’re guessing — three consonants and a pair of vowels will fill your solution. You get the picture, just think of a word that could encompass an enclosing border. Happy guessing.