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DALLAS (KDAF) — Frustrated at the winter weather? Maybe, maybe not. Frustrated at Thursday’s Wordle word puzzle? Definitely, unless you won.

Yet again the boxes of yellow, green and grey are filling social media as some players win and others come to face to face with defeat seeing their win streaks end. I think a majority of players can agree that at least the solution to Wordle 229 isn’t the word moist as it was on Wednesday.

Nonetheless, if you haven’t played or you’re stuck on your fifth or sixth try, we’ve got your back with some hints to help you along and conquer Thursday’s Wordle.

Hints below

Sharing is caring when it comes to hints for the daily Wordle word puzzle but you might be just one letter off. Don’t think too hard, but definitely don’t think soft when it comes to this five-letter word. It’s a two consonant, one vowel, two consonant combo.

Broken glass, metal, ceramic or rock make this word along with having sharp edges.