DALLAS (KDAF) — Wordle 222 is here and social media seems to be feeling good about Thursday’s word puzzle.

Grey, yellow and green boxes galore are getting #wordle222 trending on Twitter Thursday morning and some people are flexing some 2/6 and 3/6 victories. We all can’t showboat as much as others but hey, as long as that win streak is strong that’s all that matters.

This work week has proven one thing Wordle can be mind-boggling and mind-easing at the same time; we’ve seen knoll, sugar, and whack from Monday-Wednesday. Don’t let doubt creep in your mind, Friday is almost here, keep the win streak alive with some helpful hints below for Thursday’s Wordle word puzzle.

Hints below

Count on us when you need some assistance, whether it’s getting up on a horse or possibly climbing Everest. A word with many meanings can often be confusing but this word with two vowels and three consonants is pretty straightforward given the proper context.

So, let’s ride off into the sunset together on this Friday’s eve with a new or strengthened Wordle win streak.