DALLAS (KDAF) — A recent Tweet from music star Cardi B has Twitter talking up a storm.

On March 15, she tweeted a clip from the music video to My Chemical Romance’s song I’m Not Okay (I Promise) with the caption, “They don’t make music like this anymore.”

Though Cardi may be correct in saying that emo music isn’t dominating the mainstream like it once did; however, the appetite for that genre of music is still out there.

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Emo fans are still anxiously waiting for Las Vegas’s When We Were Young festival, debuting the genre’s biggest names like the aforementioned My Chemical Romance, Paramore, A Day to Remember, Jimmy Eat World and many more.

This is probably why Cardi B’s tweet is resonating so well with Twitter. Maybe this will spawn a resurgence of the genre? One can only dream.

Back to MCR, we wanted to use this moment of the spotlight to highlight their biggest hits and reminisce about the days when they did “make music like this.”

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These are the group’s most popular songs, according to Spotify:

  • Teenagers: 544,47,549 listens
  • Welcome to the Black Parade: 511,818,705 listens
  • I’m Not Okay (I Promise): 275,153,691 listens
  • Helena: 246,360,541 listens
  • Famous Last Words: 207,129,629 listens