There is a new music group hitting the scenes and we got the chance to talk to two of the members from Simon Fuller’s new music group, “Future X” featuring Drew Venegas and Angie Green. Drew is a dancer and Los Angeles native, while Angie is a singer who has come over from Miami and they are embarking on a new adventure together along with the other five members.

Something about the group you may not have realized is that the group was discovered entirely through the app TikTok. Since being chosen for this musical group their lives have completely changed. They were all selected in December of 2021 and then moved out to LA in January of 2022 and now six months later, they are going on their first tour.

The pair stated how their individuality was what set them apart for being selected to join this group. Green touched on how neither one of them are the same and all have brought something different to the table.

“It’s definitely different and something you’ve never seen before,” said Drew.

The 2022 Honda Civic tour presents: The Future X kicks off this Wednesday at the Roxy and tickets are free. To get your hands on some head on over to

This segment aired on the KTLA 5 Morning News on July 25, 2022