DALLAS (KDAF) – Monday’s Wordle word puzzle is stumping players, getting the internet’s favorite new word game trending on Twitter.

The five-letter word is giving players quite the hill to climb as six tries to get it right is proving to be difficult. However, some users are basking in the glory of getting Monday’s word in six-or-less tries while others see streaks end. One person on Twitter said they saw their winning streak end at 13 due to Monday’s word difficulty.

Those who’ve fallen to Wordle 219 will have to look forward to Tuesday to start a new winning streak. But if you still haven’t played and you’re stumped, we’ve got a hint or two for you.

Hints below

If you’re stuck and don’t want to see that winning streak come to an end, you might just have to find a small round hill to sit on and gather your thoughts on this archaic word puzzle Wordle has put upon you.

Remember, consonants are your friend even if one of them is silent and sometimes vowels can be lonely.