Mikalah Gordon made her singing debut on “American Idol” when she was only sixteen years old and since then she has taken off as a singer, songwriter and even had a comedy stint at one point.

Gordon was off doing comedy and put her music aside before the pandemic had hit, so this single and new album is her big debut back into her music career. “I just want to make people laugh and feel good” said Gordon, “whether it is through music or comedy, it’s equally satisfying.”

The singer still holds “American Idol” deep to her heart and attributes her career to them even though it has been awhile since she had been on the show. “Because of them I have been able to live my whole life and my dreams” said Gordon.

Her new album “Vivian” holds a spot near and dear to her heart as she has named it after her late grandmother whom she was very close with before her passing. “We really used this time as therapy to work through the emotions” said the songstress. “It’s definitely a more serious side of me but an important one.”

Her new single “Hands Off is available now and her debut album, “Vivian” will be available Sep. 9.

This segment aired on the KTLA 5 Morning News on Aug. 5, 2022.