Mark O’Brien has been in the industry for twenty years now and he doesn’t plan on stopping anytime soon. Mark touched on the shows “Perry Mason” and “61st Street” that he has worked on and both are expecting another season.

“61st Street” being his most recent series, which was produced by Michael B. Jordan that follows a young track star who is being charged with the murder of a cop. That cop happened to be O’Brien’s partner so he ends up getting dragged along for the ride.

From one inspiring project to the next, Mark wrote, directed and starred in his first film “The Righteous.” The film is a black and white psychological horror that is about confronting your past and dealing with who you are.

“I really liked to make a movie that can grab an audience in a way that they are not used to and really make you think while also being entertained,” said O’Brien.

Mark stated he had been wanting to make a film for quite sometime and it took a lot of hard work. He wanted something to make you feel different every time you watched it because art should make you feel that way and should make you have a different experience each time in the future.

Mark really knew what he wanted to do and he went for it. He said that knowing the material so well, he was able to change hats from actor to director easily, especially when directing himself. He stated that had he not written it, he may have had a little bit more trouble.

“Actors make strong Directors and I think Directors make strong Actors and I really think both should experiment with the other” Mark said. “They kind of go hand in hand.”

“61st Street” is available on AMC+ and “The Righteous” is streaming on Arrow Video to watch now.

This segment aired on the KTLA 5 Morning News on July 5, 2022.