DALLAS (KDAF) — The work week started with Monday’s difficult Wordle word puzzle, knoll, and many players tweeted out the disappointment of their first loss. Well, it seems the work week might finish out how it started for some Wordle players as Friday’s word is seeing the end of win streaks new and old.

Wordle 223 found itself among the top trending topics on Twitter Friday morning as players posted their mostly grey and yellow boxes in the sadness of not figuring out the five-letter word in six or fewer tries.

Even though the end of the work week might result in a Wordle loss, there’s always tomorrow and as always TGIF! However, if you haven’t played or finished Wordle 223 and want to end the week on a high note heading into the weekend, look no further than a couple of hints listed below.

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Hints below

Friday’s word is not allowing players to feel briskly self-assured or jaunty in their guesses as yellow and grey boxes don’t turn green for a win. Maybe take a breather in between guesses and get active with some energetic jazzy dance moves to get the thoughts flowing.

Remember vowels are limited to A, E, I, O, U and sometimes Y while consonants will play a role that would figuratively lift someone’s ears in a quick and alert way. Good luck, happy guessing and TGIF.