DALLAS (KDAF) — After Monday’s difficult Wordle word puzzle, Tuesday brings a well-deserved treat for all players to enjoy.

People on social media are delighted to focus on their normal tasks rather than sweat getting a five-letter word in six tries and not lose that awesome win streak you’ve been working on. Although while some are taking a spoonful of delight in getting Tuesday’s word right, others will have to wait for a new day to get another win streak rolling.

Don’t let Wordle 220 get the best of you, because who knows, Wednesday’s word puzzle could be quite the knoll to get over. If you haven’t played Wordle yet and want to ensure your best shot at starting or keeping your win streak, we’ve got a hint or two for you.

Monday’s Wordle stumping players: Want a hint?

Hints below

If you’re stuck maybe put down the carbs and remember consonants can make all sorts of sounds and one is such a lonely number for vowels, so, why not two of them?

Don’t forget to channel your inner Julie Andrews in her hit Disney musical from 1964, Mary Poppins, and you’ll certainly not get lost.