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DALLAS (KDAF) — It’s the end of the workweek or at least for some Texans an early start to the weekend as snow and ice have entered the Lone Star State. So, whether you’re a seasoned veteran, up-and-coming star or a rookie in the ever-so-popular game Wordle, we need to either help you start or strengthen your win streak.

This week of Wordle word puzzles has had highs and lows and for some on Thursday, their win streak came to an end. I mean, who uses the word shard unless dealing with broken glass or something of that nature?

Regardless the wins are needed to get a great jump on the first weekend of February; so, check out our hints below and get it right and feel powerful amongst five-letter words.

Hints below

Some people love them and some people don’t but a certain fold in pants definitely plays a part in Wordle 230. Maybe you’re making dumplings, but you’re unable to get a certain word that starts with the letter P in them.

Just remember, vowels are friendly, and maybe scramble around your plate and you’ll find the right word.