Disney Channel star Christian J. Simon who is only 14 has already accomplished so much from receiving two Daytime Emmy nominations for his role in the animated series “T.O..T.S” and “Sydney and Max.”

However that is not the ultimate goal for Simon, he tells KTLA’s Dayna Devon that he is working for that E.G.O.T.

“Listen, I’m trying to get to the E.G.O.T, so that definitely is a goal. I’m going for it,” said the actor.

As the actor works towards that goal he starts in the Disney franchise “Under Wraps.” The first movie was released last year and now the second one following right behind it.

“Under Wraps 2” follows Simon and his friends who wake up their mummy friend to warn him about a dangerous mummy that is out to get him and this all goes down while the gang is trying to get ready for a “Hallo-wedding.”
The Disney star touched on how close he and his co-stars are and how much time they actually spent together off and on the set. He said there was a fast connection the first time around and now being back on set together they are closer than ever.

“If you guys knew how much we hung out, you guys would be like, are you not tired of each other,” he revealed.

Simon said that he will probably dress up for the spooky holiday and as for him and his family, they are going all out for Halloween, especially since being on “Under Wraps.”

You can watch “Under Wraps 1 & 2” now on Disney+.

This segment aired on the KTLA 5 Morning News on Oct. 5, 2022.