Bobby Bones is a radio and television personality who has been making some big moves in his career and life over the last few years.

To start with he has over come his fear of commitment and has been married to his now wife, Caitlin Estell for a little over a year. This meet cute happened by introduction of friends, it was an organic and natural meeting and the rest is history.

Bones also had a long time dream of his come true when he was granted an honorary doctorate from the University of Arkansas. The radio host explained how he had always dreamed of and wanted to go to the University but could not afford to go as a kid. Years later and due to his impact he has had on the state, the University awarded him his doctorate.

Following much success in television and radio, Bones has created a new reality competition show, “Snake In the Grass.” The show has a little bit of everything going on, conceptualized from some of tv’s favorite shows mixed together and at the end of every episode there is a winner, who wins a $100,000.00 if they are able to fool the other opponents.

“It’s a really fun show” said Bones.

You can catch new episodes of “Snake In the Grass” Monday nights at 11p.m on USA Network.

This segment aired on the KTLA 5 Morning News on Aug. 23, 2022.