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KILGORE, Texas (KETK) – If you’ve ever wondered what the East Texas oil boom was like, look no further than Kilgore.

Step back to the 1930’s at the East Texas Oil Museum in Kilgore.

“The museum focuses on the history of the people who lived during the time and how the boom affected day to day life,” manager Olivia Moore said.

Walking in, you see a traditional display of pictures from the era and life-like scenes showing what living in that time period was like.

Then, you physically step into the past.

“And then you’re gonna go to BoomTown,” Moore said. “You’re gonna open up a wooden door, and that wooden door is gonna transport you back in time to 1930’s East Texas.”

The full-scale town hosts stores named after East Texas cities effected by the boom. You will be welcomed by an animatronic electrician named Buddy.

“We enjoy coming here. It’s a great place. It just kind of brings back the old… what it used to be like in the 1930’s in this area.”

A fan favorite is the elevator. A ride taking you down where you can travel through geological layers of the East Texas oil field.

There is also a theater where you can watch a show that walks you through the history of the area before oil.

The museum offers tribute to history while making learning fun and interactive for all ages.

“It’s great for a lot of the kids to see and even adults,” Moore said. “People come from all over the world to this museum I think. I think most people really enjoy it.”