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DALLAS, TX (KDAF)- A&E has decided to cancel “Live P.D.”, the American police reality TV show, and it has caused an uproar of responses.

A man in Austin was arrested by the police and it resulted in an altercation that ended with the man dying. “Live P.D.” was filming for that segment and although it never aired, there is still an ongoing investigation with the footage from the bodycam that the officers were wearing.

Rich Emberlin, one of the commentators from the show and a retired member of the Dallas SWAT team, speaks on his experience being a part of the show and his views on it being canceled.

“Live PD is the biggest body cam in the world, it’s live and it’s as it happens. ” he says.

The implementation of the body cam can cause officers to act a different way versus without it. This also goes for people being confronted by the cops on the show with the cameras rolling.

“You would see people probably doing things nothing criminal just things they probably wouldn’t do, trying to be cavalier with people and you know talk a little smack. But I didn’t see a large change you know because they’re all under scrutiny of their police chief and us. I’m not going to defend bad cops.” Emberlin says.

Emberlin believes that “Live P.D.” was an accurate portrayal of the reality of policemen. They were able to explain the behind the scenes of their experiences and why they do the things that they do.

The show was just approved for 160 more episodes before it was abruptly canceled. Viewers who enjoy the show and have shown support are displeased with this sudden decision.

One viewer explains that they felt the cancellation was a big mistake because the show educated the public and showed viewers how crime is all around us. They expressed that it was the best reality show on television and this decision is a disservice to all of their viewers.

Many of the viewers including the police feel that the show showed the transparency of the life of a police and that they are humans just like everyone else. The show for many brought a sense of comfort, making the viewers feel that they can trust these policemen.

“I can be driving in my SWAT Tahoe home, and this happened in my old career, if a cop car got behind me I would look in the rear view mirror and go ‘oh my gosh what did I do?’, so we’re all the same.” Emberlin says.