Why So Sad, Flash? Hilarious Meme Tries to Cheer Up Poor Barry Allen

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Typically, The Flash is thought of as the Spider-man equivalent of the DC Universe. Nothing ever gets the guy down, he’s always quick with a quip and it would be easy to see his smile — if he wasn’t always running past at hundreds of miles per hour.

But now, the red-suited hero is undergoing a public relations change, courtesy of Redditor Petru24. After posting a picture of Grant Gustin, star of the CW show “The Flash,” taking a melancholy break in full uniform between takes, “Sad Flash” has become a hot, funny Internet meme.

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This being Reddit, first came the funny captions. “Life moves pretty fast,” writes one Redditor, quoting Ferris Bueller. “If you don’t stop and look around once in a while, you could miss it.”

“The Flash promo posters are getting weird,” writes another.

Then came the Photoshopped images, as fans began finding fun things for their fleet-footed hero to be sitting on instead of that curb. One hilarious riff on the theme, created by Redditor “-DoItForJohnny-,” has our hero riding a bucking bull, but still looking downtrodden.

Sad Flash bull SOURCE: imgur-doitforjohnny

Another user with the handle “Graphleek” decided to use the Sad Flash image to give voice to all our frustrations as we try to download and install Flash updates to our computer.

Sad Flash SOURCE: imgur-graphleek

Another funny one has a Sad Flash with good reason to be sad. Much to the chagrin of some fans, Gustin and The Flash have nothing to do with the upcoming “Batman v Superman.” So, it seems only natural that “centuryeggman” would depict Sad Flash as a bit distraught over being left out of the party.

Sad Flash SOURCE: imgur-cenuryeggmanBut the best might just belong to “CMatthewman,” who took the crimson crusader and put him into a children’s swingset. Wow, and all this time, we’ve been thinking it was Aquaman who was being disrespected.

"Sad FLash" SOURCE: imgur-cmatthewman

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