Why Has it Taken So Long for ‘Supernatural’ to Battle Hitler?

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There are just a couple months left before Sam (Jared Padalecki) and Dean Winchester (Jensen Ackles) return to the small-screen with Season 12 of Supernatural.

While the wait may seem unbearable for many, speculation has ramped up considerably since the cast hit San Diego Comic-Con last month. Not only do we know that Mary will be returning after an incredibly long absence, but one of the villains the brothers will fight is none other than … Adolf Hitler?

Has it finally become time for The Winchesters to take on history’s most evil man? It’s safe to call him that, right? After-all, whenever someone is deemed the absolute worst, they inevitably get compared to the Hitler. Some examples include: Donald Trump, Barack Obama and Michael Bay.

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When you think about it, it feels like a battle between the hunky hunters and Hitler is way long overdue. Once you add God and Lucifer into the mix, all bets are off … right? But while the brothers have faced everything from destructive Leviathans and killer unicorns to demonic possession and those pesky Ghostfacers, it starts to become clear why Hitler has been off the table.

supernatural sam dean Why has it taken so long for Supernatural to battle Hitler?

At its core, Supernatural is a fun genre ride that finds our Hardy Boys-style heroes battling every monster in the book and always coming out on top. If The CW is now the home of superhero shows, let it be known that Supernatural is one of the network’s original breadwinners.

Sure, neither Sam nor Dean have super powers in the comic-book sense. But then again, these two have died and come back to life so many times … they’re definitely existing on a different level than the common man.

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That is where Hitler comes into play. It’s not often that the lore in Supernatural delves into the horrors of real life. It’s kind of difficult to suspend one’s disbelief when Nazis and The Holocaust come into play. To really tackle this subject matter, the series needs to flip the script and present a type of Hitler that has never seen before. The more removed the caricature gets from the real historical figure, the more he becomes a monster worthy of a Winchester beatdown.

We almost got that in Season 8 when The Winchesters dove into a Hitler-adjacent world to fight a group of necromancers — known as The Thule Society — who were hell-bent on world domination. Yet, instead of fighting the evil dictator, the two took on a giant Golem.

With their connection to the Nazis, TV Line reports, The Thule Society will be aiming to bring Hitler back in Episode 5 of the new season.

Showrunner Andrew Dabb goes onto describe their version of Hitler as “a psychotic Richard Simmons.” That may bring to mind a very odd visual, and rightfully so, as Dabb goes on to say this new storyline is opening up opportunities “in terms of just doing some more crazy stuff.”

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That’s one way of putting it, and “Supernatural” is at its best when the show goes full on bonkers. Presenting Hitler in a vastly different light than previously seen in movies and television will most definitely help.

When all is said and done, though, there’s one really important question we are left with: Will there be Nazi zombies … ?

dead snow nazi zombies Why has it taken so long for Supernatural to battle Hitler?

Please let there be Nazi zombies.

Supernatural Season 12 will premiere Thursday, October 13, at 8 p.m. on CW33.

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