Wait, Did Oliver Kill Laurel on ‘Arrow’?

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Arrow -- Katie Cassidy as Black Canary Photo: The CW 2016
Arrow — Katie Cassidy as Black Canary Photo: The CW 2016

So we finally know who’s in the grave on Arrow. Saying goodbye to Laurel (Katie Cassidy) is sad and it’s a death fans will be reeling from for some time. There’s one very important question, though. Did Oliver (Stephen Amell) kill her?

Now hold on before you jump to conclusions. We all know Damien Darhk (Neal McDonough) is the one who stabbed Laurel with Oliver’s arrow, but that didn’t necessarily kill her, did it?

After all, she survived surgery and seemed to be coherent and talking after the fact, even laying her heart on the line for Oliver. Then she asked him to make her a promise. The next thing you know, Laurel is coding and winds up dead, while Oliver is confused about what just happened.

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Nobody but the two of them know exactly what happened in that room, so is Arrow trying to hint that Laurel asked Oliver to put her out of her misery?

While it may seem like that, the answer is no. Speaking to the press during a screening of the episode, executive producer Marc Guggenheim says, “The joke I’ve been making is ‘Oliver Queen killed her!’ But no, that was not — there are certain coins of the realm on our show. Death is one of them, mysteries and secrets are another.”

While what Laurel said to Oliver will be a major story leading into Season 5 of Arrow, fans can take heart in the fact that the show definitely didn’t mean to make it seem like he killed her.

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“We didn’t intend for it to be like she asked Oliver to euthanize her,” Guggenheim says.

Additional reporting by Lindsay MacDonald

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