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The topic of Bonnie’s (Kat Graham) sexuality on “The Vampire Diaries” has been up for debate for a while now, with more than a few fans speculating that she might be — and possibly should be — bisexual.

During a short but meaningful stretch of episodes in Season 7, Bonnie grew close to Nora (Scarlett Byrne), one of the new heretic characters who also happens to be one of the show’s first lesbians.

While Nora and her precious Mary Louise (Teressa Liane) may have met a tragic end, effectively ending the possibility of romance between “Bonora,” it doesn’t mean the possibility of a bisexual Bonnie is gone.

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After all, the death of both Nora and Mary Louise means that LGBTQ representation on “The Vampire Diaries” just went from 2 characters to zero.

Rather than creating a new character to fill this void — who will no doubt be killed off eventually as most newcomers are — it might be time to mix it up and explore the sexuality of one of the main characters.

Kat Graham has long been an advocate of Bonnie being this character. At San Diego Comic Con 2015, when TV Line asked her about possible love interests Graham said, “I’ve pitched female witches. I’ve pitched that. I’ve pitched Bonnie having some discoveries sexually about herself. I’ve pitched everything.”

Season 7 didn’t seem to be taking that pitch anywhere until Bonnie’s relationship with Nora began to evolve, but that didn’t stop Graham from continuing the conversation.

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“I’ve been campaigning,” Graham tells The Wrap in regards to Bonnie’s possible bisexuality. “I just want to play a three-dimensional character. So whether the character is straight or bisexual or gay or trans or anything, it’s an honor to play a character that shows three-dimensional sides to her.”

Exploring Bonnie’s sexuality, wherever it may lead, could be the answer to quite a few “problems” on the show.

The “Bury Your Gays” trope that has been the source of heartbreak and anger for fans would almost certainly not apply to Bonnie, being that she is a main character and much less likely to die. Her death would also trigger the awakening of Elena, which would be tricky to pull off as long as Nina Dobrev plans to stay away.

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The LGBTQ community would not only get a massive win in terms of representation, they would also have some security that their newly bisexual character is safe from death.

As much as Bamon fans adore the idea of Bonnie and Damon (Ian Somerhalder) exploring the romantic undertones of their relationship, the love story between Damon and Elena seems too deeply integrated into the narrative to explore another romance in a truly meaningful way. Giving Bonnie a female love interest could be a meaningful way to keep those fans engaged, while side-stepping a bigger issue.

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