The Vampire Diaries: Bill Forbes, the Crow & Other Unsolved Mysteries

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Over the course of seven seasons, there have been many mysteries on The Vampire Diaries. The big ones like how to break a sire bond, where doppelgängers come from, and how to cure vampirism have all been answered, but there are still a few smaller ones that remain unsolved mysteries.

Now that The Vampire Diaries is entering its eighth and final season, we’re looking back at some of these unsolved cases and wondering if any of these hanging questions might get some answers.

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How did Bill Forbes learn to resist compulsion?


Of all the unsolved mysteries in The Vampire Diaries history, this one is the most perplexing. Bill Forbes (Jack Coleman) showed up in Season 3 with a talent for resisting compulsion, but we never figured out how he managed to do that.

What was the deal with the crow?


Call us sentimental, but we miss the days when Damon (Ian Somerhalder) use to wreak havoc with his crow minion and endless amounts of fog. We don’t technically need an explanation for either of these, but we’d like to see them return one last time for the heck of it.

What is Tyler Lockwood’s job?

vampire diaries tyler woods

The mystery of Tyler Lockwood’s (Michael Trevino) flash-forward in Season 7 was never solved, and we’re dying to know what he’s been up to in the years since leaving Mystic Falls behind. Particularly, what has him in that snazzy suit and fancy car? Did he actually manage to pull his wolfy life together?

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Where did April Young go?

large2 The Vampire Diaries: Bill Forbes, the crow & other unsolved mysteries

Most new characters on The Vampire Diaries end up dead before the season is out, but Season 4 ended with the reigning Miss Mystic Falls nowhere to be found. Did she evaporate? Hit up Europe with Rebekah (Claire Holt)? We must know what happened to this sweet girl!

Where are Matt’s parents?


We got to meet Matt’s (Zach Roerig) scandalous mother Kelly Donovan (Melinda Clarke) in Season 1, but she hit the road shortly thereafter, leaving her teenage son on his own. Where the heck have Matt’s parents been this whole time, and can we see poor Matty reunite with them, please?

How does Damon plan to survive taking the cure?


It’s almost unbearably romantic that Damon plans to take the cure in 70-ish years when Elena (Nina Dobrev) wakes up, but … how exactly does he plan to survive that? Katherine seemed to age and die pretty quickly when she turned human, and Damon’s not exactly a spring chicken at 175-years-old.

When do vampires lose the ability to turn it off?

giphy12 The Vampire Diaries: Bill Forbes, the crow & other unsolved mysteries

The humanity switch trick has been played many times over the course of The Vampire Diaries seven seasons, but we’ll never forget that Rose (Lauren Cohan) told Damon the ability to turn it off goes away the older a vampire gets. Just how many centuries old do you have to be before the option of going full-on dark side is off the table?

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