The Flash S03 E12: Wally & Barry train, a new villain emerges, gorillas coming up

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Hey Flash Fans! It’s Richard from Zeus Comics!

While Wally and Barry train, a new villain emerges with the ability to drain the life out of his victims.

What an appropriate choice of villains with Clive Yorkin, guys. In the late 1970’s, the comic Iris Allen died at the hands of Zoom, but the first suspected killer to her death was in fact Clive Yorkin, who was found near her body.

The comic Clive Yorkin also has the ability to drain the life force. With our Flash show dealing with a potential future in which Iris dies, it's a sweet callback to bring in Clive for this episode.

The victims in these episodes, in fact, were police officers from the Flashpoint timeline -- and our villain Clive Yorkin is in our current timeline is trying to exact his revenge for being arrested.

Speaking of sweet call backs, did anyone recognize the return of classic Flash TV character Julio Mendez? In our Flashpoint timeline earlier this season, we got a glimpse of him as Captain Julio Mendez of the Central City PD. Our Flash producers even brought in the original actor Alex Desert, who played alongside John Wesley Shipp (our modern Jay Garrick Flash) in the classic television show. But sadly, the guest appearance ends this episode with Clive bent on his revenge, killing now musician Julio Mendez in an alley -- leaving our Julian and Caitlyn trying to discern the science behind Julio’s decaying corpse.

Officer Joe West is also on Clive’s list and in an attempt to get at Joe, Clive comes after Iris, infecting her with his decaying-like abilities.

It’s Caitlyn to the rescue, though, getting all Killer Frosty and slowing the spread with her ice powers. Team Flash ultimately synthesizes an antidote to save Iris.

This episode certainly had some fantastic Flash super power moments with the focus on The Flash's phasing capability, like the Wally/Barry race at the beginning or when Wally learned to phase by mixing his blood with Yorkin’s at the end to neutralize Yorkin’s powers (that was a very comic book solution, btw) and Flash phasing an entire train!

Our end of episode cliffhanger gives us Jesse Quick coming through the portal, needing the Flash’s assistance with… Gorilla City! Yep! This is an actual place in the DC Universe! Hidden in the jungles of Africa is a group of super intelligent gorillas with telepathic abilities lead by Ape Solovar.

You can also bet this means the return of Gorilla Grodd!

So get ready for the next episode of The Flash, Gorilla City!

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