‘The Flash’ Reveals Zoom’s Identity

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Teddy Sears on 'The Flash'

After a largely Zoom-free episode of “The Flash,” the CW series left viewers with a gigantic cliffhanger as they go on a one-month break. Zoom’s identity has been revealed and it’s none other than … Jay Garrick (Teddy Sears)?

In the final moments of the episode, Zoom carries the lifeless body of Jay to his dungeon and drops him, only to remove his mask and reveal another Jay. The doppelgangers are out of control!

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The man in the mask was, surprisingly, none other than Hunter Zolomon — the man Jay revealed to be his Earth-1 doppelganger. You may remember Zolomon also happens to be Zoom in the comics — creating a very deep web of intrigue.

As for the answers viewers still need — How did Hunter make all of this possible? Is Earth-2’s Jay actually dead? Who’s the guy in the mask? — they’ll have to wait. “The Flash” is going on a small hiatus until March 22.

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That all said, the man in the mask has to be yet another Jay Garrick, right? Why wouldn’t be be Jay from another Earth? The multiverse is big and wide, filled with plenty of Jay’s for Zoom to torture.

“The Flash” returns March 22 on The CW.

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