The CW Keeping the ‘Constantine’ Dream Alive

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Fans of John Constantine (Matt Ryan) shouldn’t lose hope for the TV show’s future just yet, even if it has been canceled for over a year.

The CW Seed recently started streaming all 13 episodes of Constantine for free, fueling rumors that the series might not be done for good. After repeat appearances on Arrow, it’s possible that Constantine could still find a home on The CW instead of NBC, who chose to cut the series short.

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The CW has steadily been ramping up their DC superhero lineup, with Arrow, The Flash, Legends of Tomorrow and, most recently, Supergirl. At this point, adding a revitalized Constantine to the slate doesn’t seem totally out of the question, even if the comic-book inspired schedule is already close to bursting at this point.

Would it be too much DC to add another hour of superhero programming to the roster? Maybe.

If so, we’ve got a compelling alternative theory to combat that notion. A whole hour of Constantine on The CW might be out of the question, but who’s to say we can’t just add the demon-fighting expert to one of the pre-existing shows?

The logistics of rights and ownership might be tricky to handle, but that issue has been surmounted once before, meaning it’s not out of the realm of possibility. Constantine has a past with Oliver Queen (Stephen Amell) on Arrow, and we’re sure the kids on The Flash would be able to use his skills to combat meta-humans.

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And speaking of realms, if anyone can cross the multi-verse to appear on Supergirl, our money would be on the magical expert who found his way into the afterlife to bring Sara Lance (Caity Lotz) back to life.

Or maybe Constantine could do the most good on Legends of Tomorrow, traveling through time and space? After losing a few team members in Season 1, they might need to fill out their ranks again.

With the crossover potential hitting a new high for the network, The CW doesn’t seem to be done playing with the idea of taking on Constantine. So, until their DC shows stop raking in viewers by the millions, we’ll keep a watchful eye out for John and his dark methods of mystical crime-fighting.

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