‘The 100’ Season 3 Report Card: Duels & Death

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This season of “The 100” was the most talked about of the series so far, and with good reason. We’re sure fans already have plans to re-watch the episodes over and over during the show’s extended hiatus; spring 2017 never seemed so far away!

A few plots this year garnered controversy, while others shined as beacons of exceptional writing and acting, and we’ve pulled out a few of the winners (and losers) for the Zap2it report card treatment.

Dueling Swords — A++

lexa roan

The duel between Lexa (Alycia Debnam Carey) and Prince Roan (Zach McGowan) was the highlight of the season. The fight itself was masterfully choreographed to create maximum tension and suspense, and the ending had everyone’s hearts in the their throats. Bye-bye Queen Nia (Brenda Strong).

Prince Roan — A


Introducing the feared Ice Nation was a long-awaited development and their prince turned king did not disappoint. Roan was a perfect frenemy for Clarke in Polis and beyond, and we’re still crossing our fingers he didn’t die from that bullet wound in “Perverse Instantiation Part 1.” We need to see more  of this guy!

Jeep sing-a-long — A

giphy15 The 100 Season 3 report card: Duels get an A+, but deaths ... not so much

It’s not often these characters get to have a free and fun moment, singing along to some awesome tunes like the teenagers they are. It may have only lasted a brief moment, but the scene where everyone (almost everyone — sorry Clarke) belts out a rock song in the car as Octavia rides alongside on her horse was a moment for “The 100” history books.

Monty & Jasper — A-


We were skeptical of how much we’d enjoy Monty (Christopher Larkin) and Jasper’s (Devon Bostick) feud this year, but by the end of the season, seeing them come full circle was way more gratifying than expected. Watching the way these two best friends struggled with their own grief in such different ways was a beautiful way to tell their story this year. Clarke’s finale line about overcoming pain instead of easing it was the perfect personification of Monty and Jasper’s journey in Season 3.

The City of Light — B+

giphy 15 The 100 Season 3 report card: Duels get an A+, but deaths ... not so much

You can’t have a true sci-fi show without artificial intelligence, and ultimately, ALIE (Erica Cerra) was a seriously terrifying villain. Her ability to turn characters against one another created more heartbreaking moments than we can even count, and she also managed to launch what will surely be the driving force of Season 4: the worldwide nuclear reactor catastrophe.

Chancellor Pike — B+


Pike’s (Michael Beach) takeover of Arkadia — while frustrating — was incredibly realistic and compelling, plus Beach’s portrayal was top-notch. For the first part of the season, you almost sympathized with his warped mentality about Grounders. We’re even a fan of the way he lured Bellamy into his trap, and the way it echoed back to the combative characteristics Bellamy exhibited in Season 1. Pike’s death was definitely a satisfying and shocking way to end the season.

Luna — B-

giphy16 The 100 Season 3 report card: Duels get an A+, but deaths ... not so much

We’ve been waiting to meet Luna (Nadia Hilker) for years, and her floating city was the bomb. Unfortunately, as awesome and fierce as Luna was, the journey to meet her felt like a whole lot of filler at the end of the day, when Clarke and the team returned from her safe haven empty handed and in exactly the same predicament as before.

Lexa’s death — C+


The controversy Lexa’s death caused earns this development a middling grade. Ultimately though, Lexa’s death was incredibly integral to the narrative, since it launched the journey to defeat ALIE and protect the flame. Plus, we got to see Lexa again in the City of Light one last time, which was a lovely way to say goodbye to her wonderful character.

Lincoln’s death — F

lincoln dies The 100 Season 3 report card: Duels get an A+, but deaths ... not so much

Maybe it’s all the behind the scenes drama coloring our perception here, but Lincoln’s (Ricky Whittle) death is the one that felt out of place and anti-climactic. We know he had to leave to go star in “American Gods,” but not even Octavia’s quest for revenge could ease the disappointment of losing Lincoln from the world.

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