‘The 100’: 3 Things to Know About Episode 7

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The 100 is gearing up for a massive episode Thursday, March 3. ‘Thirteen’ brings several story lines to a head, in addition to journeying back to the end of the world. While creator Jason Rothenberg doesn’t want to give away too many spoilers, he did share three things viewers can look forward to.

It’s similar to Season 2’s ‘Spacewalker’

“They’re similar emotionally, that’s for sure. They’re similar in other ways as well — they both have flashbacks to space, they both have [Ed’s note: Spoiler, sorry! We’re not telling!]. They’re similar episodes and hopefully others will agree with you that they’re equally good.”

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Lexa is going to be tested like never before

“There will be an outcry in the Grounder world to get over this ‘blood must not have blood’ philosophy that Lexa (Alycia Debnam-Carey) is now trying to live by. It’s one thing to forgive somebody for doing something horrible to you, but it’s another thing to forgive them when they continue to do something horrible after you’ve been magnanimous enough to spare them the first time.

It’s going to test Lexa in new ways that she hasn’t been tested before. Does she come up with a way to overcome it that doesn’t mean wiping out Skaikru altogether? That remains to be seen. But that will certainly be the challenge in Episode 7.”

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Octavia is not trusted by either Grounders or Skaikru right now

“Octavia (Marie Avgeropoulos) is definitely more Grounder than Skaikru at the moment. But as we saw in the previous episode, she’s not trusted in either world at the moment, so for Octavia, it’s going to be a hard road. I think she’s ultimately always going to try to do what’s right, in her mind. She gets that it’s not all Skaikru that are bad, but that right now they’re under the influence of a mentality, a philosophy, a leader, that’s taking them down a path that she disagrees with.

“So what do you do? We face this in the real world all the time. Relationships between nations — do we go to war against a country or do we go to war against the leader of a country? Do we try to take out the leader of a country? We don’t do that, at least outwardly, in our country, but this is what they’re dealing with politically on the show. Do they take out Pike or do they take out every Sky person? Do they blame every person for the actions of the military and the leader of that military? Octavia’s smart enough to know that they’re not all responsible. She wants to know what the hell her brother’s doing. She vehemently disagrees with him and thinks he’s acting in ways that are crazy, so hopefully she’ll be able to prevail in that.”

The 100 airs Thursdays at 8 p.m. on CW33.

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