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Chances are we’ll never get an episode of “Supernatural” where Castiel (Misha Collins) goes to a Donald Trump rally, but this is easily the next best thing.

Collins is currently between seasons of “Supernatural” and dedicated some of his free time to hitting up a Trump rally to see exactly what all the fuss was about.

The end result is about as crazy as you’d expect from one of these things.

From the beginning, Collins makes it clear that he was hoping to interview some people in attendance and learn why they’re so excited to vote for Trump in the upcoming presidential election. The consensus can seemingly be summed up entirely in a single person’s response.

“We need to have everybody scared of America,” one Trump supporter says.

The entire event, which included snipers on the roof, Trump proclaiming his love of waterboarding and many people who claim they want nothing more than to “Make America Great Again,” was eye-opening for Collins.

“It is full of hatred and generalizations and intense oversimplification of really complex things,” he says.

His overall message if simple, “I would encourage you to not be apathetic. Don’t be complacent. Get out there and make sure we don’t end up with this [BLEEP] in our White House.”