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Smokey John’s has been a BBQ staple in Dallas for over 40 years. But after a devastating fire last September, they haven’t been able to serve their loyal customers on a daily basis..
So, Friday they hosted a pop-up lunch outside their restaurant – which is still under construction – giving away 25 of their famous BBQ stuffed potatoes – for free!

“It’s been a long time coming,” co-owner Juan Reaves told Newsfix. “We thought when we first had the fire we might be open early part of the spring, but with insurance and leases and everything it’s been a little bit of a challenge.”

“Today we just decided to give away some free food to kind of get everybody to know that we’re coming back,” co-owner Brent Reaves said.

“We live literally down the street, maybe like five minutes away,” Crysta Marquez told Newsfix. “We would like come here every other week. We can’t wait for it to come back.”

“Some people were here as early as 10:00, and that just shows how devoted our customers have been and for that reason we have to do something for them and really just give the something to say thank you,” Brent Reaves said.

Smokey John’s has their sights set on re-opening this September!