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DENTON – The Twittersphere blew up over the weekend when people tweeted about spotting the Ku Klux Klan on the Goatsman’s Bridge in Denton.

Legend has it the bridge has a long dark history that is now being brought to life. But ghost hunter, Becky Vickers knows all about the story of Oscar, a black goat farmer who may have ruffled some feathers.

“The KKK had a problem with that, of him being quite successful. The legend is they hung him from the bridge and came back to check on him and his body was gone,”  said Vickers.

With race relations in the country being tense right now,  shooting a film about the KKK didn’t play well on Twitter.

“No doubt about it, it’s bad timing. I am sorry, no one was meant to be offended in any way. We’re just trying to tell a story and that’s all there is to it,” said Vickers.

Vickers says the reenactment is for a show on the Travel Channel that will air the weekend before Halloween. She says the KKK is a small part of the show.