Legends of Tomorrow S02 E11: Evil Rip from Washington in 1776 to Camelot

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Hello, my Legends Legionnaires! It’s Richard from Zeus Comics!

Rip gets a little murderous after Reverse Flash and the Legion of Doom altered his personality at the end of last episode. Rip also lays a trap for our Legends to get their fragment of the Spear of Destiny by killing George Washington in 1776, creating a large enough time quake to attract the Legends.

Absent nearly this entire episode is our Legion of Doom, which gives evil Rip full reign -- and boy is it evil! -- even leading to Rip shooting Sara in his first encounter with our Legends.

Plus, Rip sets off an EMP of sorts that leaves the Waverider and our Legends powerless and the Atom stuck in tiny form. The Waverider and the Atom make sense if the EMP wipes technology, but Firestorm being unable to transform didn’t make sense.

With Sara mortally wounded and George Washington and Mic captive Rip and the British, Jax is left to lead the remaining Legends, sending Amaya and Nate to save Mic and Washington.

But cue the sexy music as Nate and Amaya spend most of the rest of the episode in a tent reenacting Paul Revere’s most famous phrase. This came out of nowhere, right fans? I didn’t think the show was dialing in Nate/Amaya relationship. Did you?

Our final battle pits Jax versus evil Rip just as Ray restores the Waverider’s power and Gideon heals Sara. It’s Sara who talks Jax off the ledge of shooting and potentially killing evil Rip and Rip makes off with a fragment of the Spear of Destiny.

Despite some fun moments of Mic giving Washington a hard time AND motivation to defeat the British(even a Mic tribute statue), our romp in 1776 remained just that, without a fully developed George Washington or a history lesson.

Next up, we travel to Camelot with more evil Rip on the hunt for more of the spear. I’m a sucker for King Arthur and the Knights of the Round Table and, dare I say, Sir Sara Lance…a lot?

Interestingly, the episode title is Camelot 3000. This the same title as a 1980s DC 12 issue series. The Camelot 3000 comic series takes place in 3000AD with magic mixing with future tech.

Will we see the lines blurred between medieval and the future science?

Let’s find you in our newest Legends of Tomorrow, Camelot 3000.

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