‘Legends of Tomorrow’ Reveals Connor Hawke’s True Identity

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When it was revealed that “Legends of Tomorrow” would introduce Connor Hawke when the team of time traveling misfits ended up in a future version of Star City, many fans wondered how that would be.

After all, in the comics Connor is the son of Oliver Queen (Stephen Amell) which leads to him taking on the Green Arrow identity. “Legends” — and by extension “Arrow” — took a bit of a different approach to the character.

Instead, an aged, one-armed Oliver revealed that Connor Hawke was none other than John Diggle Jr.

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While he alluded to the fact that all members of Team Arrow — Felicity, Laurel, Diggle, Thea and Lance — were dead, Dig’s namesake took on Oliver’s mantle to continue protecting Star City when he thought the original Green Arrow was dead.

In perhaps the ultimate tragedy for Oliver, he was the sole member of his team to survive the uprising in Star City. Forced to live with the deaths of everyone he cared about, Oliver shut himself down in the old Arrow Cave where he aged and grew a perfectly manicured goatee.

At least he still has a Diggle to rely on in Star City, though. At least, until “Legends of Tomorrow” fixes the future. After all, Rip Hunter (Arthur Darvill) was careful to point out this particular version of the future wasn’t set in stone.

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Honestly, did the show really have any choice? “Arrow” fans wouldn’t stand for learning the entire team had been killed off with such little fanfare — even if it’s in the future.

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