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DALLAS Korey Finch describes herself this way: “I would consider myself a super nerd.”

That might be an understatement.

Superheroes are well represented on Korey’s body. “I’ve got Wonder Woman on this side, and this is the Damian Wayne Robin symbol,” she said, pointing to one colorful bicep, then the other. But it’s more than skin deep.

Korey Finch holds superheroes close to her heart, especially Batman’s sidekick — that’s why she named her first son Grayson.

But Korey’s story doesn’t end there. “I found out I was pregnant the day after my husband’s 30th birthday,” she said.

It wasn’t hard for Korey Finch and her husband, Matt, to come up with a name for their second son; it was really a no-brainer. “Damian, who is the new Robin — and we can be this weird superhero family,” Korey explained.

But this new Robin would have a tough fight ahead, and Korey’s instincts would be proved right near the end of her pregnancy. “I woke up the next morning and I said, ‘Something is wrong.'”

This would be a battle Robin would not win. Korey described the worst day of her life. “We went to the hospital, and they came in, and tried to find his heartbeat with one of the monitors, and they couldn`t find his heartbeat.  And they broke the news to me that he was gone.”

At 34 weeks into the pregnancy, Damian died, entangled by his umbilical cord. “And there’s nothing anyone could have done about it because it takes six minutes to asphyxiate,” Korey explained.

A heartbroken mother got to hold her precious boy for the first time, and for the last time. “They handed me a five and a half pound, 19-inch-long baby who was perfect in every way,” she said.

Now, a funeral had to be planned. One they wanted to make super special. “Because of who he was named for — and because that is how I planned his first birthday.  It would have been superhero-themed.  And so that’s what I did,” Korey said.

That’s why Korey reached out to a TV super hero on Facebook. “I was feeling pretty bold,” she said.

Korey posted a message on Stephen Amell’s Facebook page. Amell plays superhero Oliver Queen, aka the Arrow, in The CW’s superhero show Arrow. Korey loooooves this show and its star. “I thought, ‘What the heck? Let’s just give good old Steve a little message and see what happens.'” “And…..some stuff happens,” she said between laughs.

Yep, ‘Arrow’ wrote back!

But Stephen Amell had something bigger planned for the family. “Sure enough, he had his handlers get in touch with me to start setting stuff up for Dallas Comic Con,” Korey said.

And boy, did he set it up! VIP tickets, front row seats at his panel, and a very action-packed meet and greet.

In the end, what meant the most to Korey was Amell wearing a t-shirt made by Korey’s friend Nick Grabiec to honor her son.

But wait. There’s more. Amell wasn’t done yet; he dedicated his panel to Korey and Matt Finch.

“If there’s anything a superhero can teach you, it’s when you get knocked down, no matter how many times you get knocked down, you have to get up,” Korey said.

Korey shared her story in a Buzzfeed post; she and Matt would like to one day create a library to honor Damian and are hoping to grow their superhero family.

Hey. Maybe they’ll name their next son Oliver! Just sayin.’