Jerry Springer Can SING, Y’all! He Put on a Show for NewsFix

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DALLAS -- You know the name from the endless chants on TV, but did you know popular talk show host Jerry Springer does more than just talk?

That's what brought Jerry to Dallas Thursday to host an Elvis karaoke show at Big Al's McKinney Avenue Tavern. NewsFix took the opportunity to talk politics with the former Mayor of Cincinnati.

So, does he think Donald Trump is going to end up in the White House?

"No, he's not going to be elected President. The reason is, the demographics of America have changed and the groups that he's insulting, they're too large a group," Jerry Springer said.

He's a child of Jewish immigrants, "I lost my family in the Holocaust," which explains his strong feelings on immigration. “The anti-immigrant position is un-American. On one hand you can`t go around and say, 'We're going to make America great again,' and then your policy is to do away with what makes America.”

He also took aim at gun control, “There's not a real division among the American people, 90% of the American people think we ought to have universal background checks.”

Regarding his show, which is now in its 25th year, Springer believes times have finally caught up with the sometimes risqué subject matter.

"I challenge you, what do you ever see on our show that your kids aren't already doing on their iPhones?"

If you want to check it out Jerry Springer’s 3rd Annual Elvis Karaoke, it starts Thursday at 8 pm at Big Al’s McKinney Avenue Tavern.

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