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With both “Arrow” and “The 100” bringing their respective seasons to a close on the CW, it’s time to investigate a rather interesting theory. Do the two shows exist in the same universe?

That might sound outlandish at first, but we’re here to posit the possibility that “Arrow” may actually be a prequel to “The 100.” How might that be, you may ask?

It’s easy, really. With an impending nuclear apocalypse on “Arrow,” care of stylish maniac Damien Darhk (Neal NcDonough), perhaps this is the same cataclysmic event that those aboard “The 100’s” Ark witnessed from space. Crazier things have happened on TV.

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So what spurred this particular little theory? None other than the man, the myth, the Diggle (David Ramsey). As Oliver (Stephen Amell) and Diggle entered Darhk’s underground habitat that will — in theory — keep people safe from the nuclear blast, Dig says, “Just like Mount Weather — continuity of government facility, built by FEMA during the Cold War, in case of a nuclear attack.”

That Mount Weather is indeed the same exact one that a clan called home during Season 2 of “The 100,” before the Grounders initiated a self destruct sequence. Now, for all intents and purposes, it’s empty.

Given that they’re both referencing the same location, connecting them makes perfect sense, right?

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In a way, sure. However it’s important to note that Mount Weather is a legitimate location in Virginia, which currently serves as FEMA’s center of operations. It also still serves as an evacuation site for the highest levels of civilian and military officials in the event of a national disaster.

For instance, following the Sept. 11 attacks, The Washington Post reports that many members of congressional leadership were sent to Mount Weather as a precaution.

This is TV though, so none of that really matters. The question here is whether or not “Arrow” is a prequel to “The 100.” The answer is likely no, sadly.

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Who cares about likely, though? It’s way more fun to imagine the world of “The 100” as the burned out remains of the DC Universe following a massive nuclear apocalypse. It also leaves the door open for metahumans or something equally as insane down the road. The joy of these shows is you get to let your imagination run wild as the story unfolds in front of your eyes.

So, for now, just take a little time and pretend that the two exist in the same universe and that the pre-apocalypse world “The 100” has touched upon this season are mere fiction. At least until “Arrow’s” Season 4 finale when Team Arrow swings into action, kills Darhk probably and saves the world — somehow with no military intervention whatsoever.

Then you can go back to living in reality. In this particular reality we can pretend ALIE (Erica Cerra) — the artificial intelligence programmed that launched “The 100’s” nukes stole her plans from Damien Darhk.