How to get the best poses for your Kim Dawson Model Search submission

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How you pose in a photo can be all the difference between looking ho-hum or awkward to confident, flattering and artistic.

If you’re perusing through the endless stream of Instagram models who seemingly never stray more than 5 miles from any given beach with an organic smoothie shop near by, you might think these people exist in precisely chiseled, shapely states of perfection at all times.

They don’t. It’s all in the pose.

And don’t get discouraged if you can’t replicate the poise of models from a top agency like Kim Dawson. A few basic posing concepts can really improve the quality of your submission to the 2018 Kim Dawson Model Search. These are not rules per se. They’re often broken or don’t apply to all situations.

Don’t always look at the camera

It’s a natural tendency to want to always look at the camera, especially if you’re face is turned in another direction. Try to avoid situations where you’re over rotating your eyes and breaking the line of your cheek. A good rule to follow is to follow the line of your nose.

Photo: Getty

The “S” pose

One of the most basic pieces of advice given to photographers and models on posing is the “S” pose. Standing front on and rigid in a photo tends to look unnatural. By simply shifting your weight to one hip, you put your body into an “S” shape, creating asymmetry with your shoulders, hips, and hands.

Photo: Getty

Chin out, head down

Extending your chin out and your head down will extend your jawline and create stronger lines. Beware, only apply this when looking directly at the camera. Doing so with your head turned will make you look like you’re on the verge of a dry heave.

Photo: Getty

Open your mouth

There’s difference between “open” and “agape”. Look at any pro model and chances are, their mouth is slightly open. Subtly is key here. This prevents you from having a clenched jawline and having an overly neutral or negative expression.

Photo: Kim Dawson Agency

Don’t forget about your hands and limbs

Weather posing for a photo or giving a speech, many people have no idea what to do with their hands. Try to keep them fluid, spread your fingers apart and bend slightly. Place them somewhere that works with your image and overall pose. Also, try to create separation between your body and limbs – don’t always hold your arms directly next to your side.

Photo: Getty

These are just a few basic tips to get your started and help improve your submission to the 2016 Kim Dawson Model Search. Experiment, practice and find what works for you. It’s not really about hiding and definitely not about changing, but rather it’s about accentuating.

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