How long should you wait to have sex? Survey says …

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LONDON, ENGLAND — It’s one of those questions of us are afraid to ask: How long should you wait to have sex with your guy or girl? Well, unfortunately, we don’t have the right answer but a new survey from Dr. Ed website could help you out!

The survey asked a thousand sexually active peeps how long they waited to have sex with their current bae. Turns out, nearly 50% of straight couples claimed they held out one week to a month before giving it up.

Not surprised?

Well, 21% percent of them said they waited up to two months while 10% went idle for 6 long months. That’s half a year!

Now.. before you ask if this is a guy or girl thing, Dr. Ed says it has nothing to do with the battle of sexes but more of a person to person connection.

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