‘Hart of Dixie’s’ Scott Porter on George and AnnaBeth’s Fate

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The 2015 Hart of Dixie Season 4 finale turned out to be the show’s series finale on The CW. For George (Scott Porter) and AnnaBeth Nass (Kaitlyn Black), the only indication of what happened after the show ended was a short clip during the final musical number that seemed to show them moving in together in Nashville. For Porter, that’s exactly what he thinks happened — and George and AnnaBeth are still kickin’ it together in Music City.

“I think they’re making it work,” Porter told Zap2it. “There are way more opportunities for nursing school in Nashville, so I imagine they’re kickin’ it, going out two nights, three nights a week, seeing some live music. She’s finishing up school, and they’re living happily ever after.”

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He adds that for both characters, it was about going on a journey to find themselves before they could truly give themselves to someone else.


“Both of them went on serious searches for themselves, to find themselves, throughout the series,” says Porter. “George had to figure out what he wanted to be before he could figure out who he wanted to be with, and Annabeth did the exact same thing. She married the wrong guy, she got engaged to the wrong guy, she started new business ventures and then she figured out the path she wanted to go down with going to nursing school. George left his job of being an attorney, he was engaged to the wrong girl, fell in love with the wrong girl, and then finally figured out who he was as a music manager.”

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Ultimately, the failed relationships led them to each other.

“With both of them being happy with who they are individually, they can now really be happy with each other,” the actor continued. “I think that’s the most important journey that a person has to go on. You have to love yourself before you can love someone else, and they both got to the point where they really loved themselves and now they’re capable of loving another person in a real way. I think AnnaBeth and George are doing that, in Nashville, probably.”

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