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FORT WORTH– Some of the biggest school districts in the Dallas-Fort Worth metroplex head back to the classroom on Monday, but school buses in one city were out in full force early Friday morning.

The Fort Worth Independent School District (FISD) set the wheels in motion for a dry run, inviting students and their families along for the ride so they could get acquainted with their routes and get to know their bus drivers.

With over 86,000 Fort Worth students heading back to school, and about 155,000 in Dallas alone, the Texas Department of Public Safety (TxDPS) is reminding motorists to not be jerks on the roads, and slow down in school zones.

The law also requires you to stop when a stopped school bus is displaying a stop sign and, or, flashing lights.

In case you didn’t know, oncoming vehicles must also come to a halt unless the road is divided by a physical barrier.

Every year, tens of thousands of drivers around the country fail to stop for school buses when they should. The DPS wants you to know you could be fined over $1,200 for the first offense of violating school bus and school zone rules.