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Fanchion K’s Tea blends self-care with self-awareness

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LANCASTER – When’s the last time you had a cup of tea? That long huh? Well, Fanchion Kenady is hoping to change your perspective on one of the most underrated beverages. Newsfix caught up with her at Raaz Team Room – in Lancaster – where we learned her passion came from her late mother.

“She was a minister, she did a lot of outreach,” Kenady said. “I didn’t want to carry on what she was doing, I wanted to kind of flip it and make it my own.”

And now, Kenady is spreading the word about tea.

“It has many health benefits for us,” Kenady said. “Tea has these stimulants in it for us that gets us going and keeps us going, even more so than coffee believe it or not.”

Kenady also emphasizes the importance of self-care – and solitude – which can be accompanied with a cup of tea.

“How can we know ourselves if we don’t take time for ourselves?” Kenady asks. “I believe self-awareness leads us to purpose. I believe self-awareness leads us to business, and how can I serve the world?”

Sip on This: Fanchion is not only selling her teas, she’s serving them with tea-flections.

“So, if I’m sitting with a cup of tea, I’ve given you something to think about,” Kenady told Newsfix.

And you can never under estimate the power of a good tea party.

“It’s fun, it’s entertaining, it’s a time for fellowship,” Kenady said. “Put on our hats and put on our pearls, and let’s look real cute. Poor people a cup of tea when they come to your house, they well talk.”

So, whether you’re sipping to soothe – or spill – Fanchion K’s tea has the blends that’ll help you unwind.

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