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DALLAS — For the past couple years, the Red Pegasus comic book store has been flying high in Oak Cliff. That is, until they were contacted by Exxon Mobil about their red-winged logo that looks a lot like Exxon’s iconic symbol.

The oil company decided to pull the reins and get rid of the horse.

“She was very nice and happy that we weren’t combative about it. She said it’s fine for you guys to keep using the name, we’re not going to contest that, but you just need to change the logo,” said co-owner Kenneth Denson.

Exxon Mobil says the historic red-winged horse was first used in 1911  and has a long history as it’s trademarked symbol. Even the City of Dallas had to get permission to keep the sign atop the Magnolia building after it was sold by Mobil.

While the store admits they didn’t come up with the red Pegasus first, they do feel close to it.

The store says they have no bad feelings towards Exxon for grounding their logo. It’s hard to be sad when Thursday is ladies night at the comic book store.