Even ‘Arrow’s’ Emily Bett Rickards wonders if Felicity is safe from the grave

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Emily Bett Rickards and Stephen Amell on 'Arrow'


While so much of “Arrow” Season 4 has revolved around the team’s battle against Damien Darhk (Neal McDonough), there’s a grave waiting in the show’s future and nobody is quite sure who’s in it.

Since it was first revealed that someone on the show would be dying this season, theories have been thrown around about who Oliver could be mourning at that grave. While that mystery remains very much alive, Emily Bett Rickards (Felicity Smoak) tells Zap2it that not even the cast has been clued in to who will be taking their final bow — leading to theories of their own around the set.

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“It’ll make a huge impact and that’s the plan from the writer’s perspective. Clearly it’s going to work because of all of the fascination around who is six feet under,” she says. “As far as it goes on set, there’s always that question. ‘It could be me, but no it could be you. Oliver and Felicity are safe, but are they? Are they really safe or is that just a hallucination? Is this magic? Are they really dead or can they come back?’”

That’s right, even Rickards has dabbled into the theory that her scene with Stephen Amell (Oliver) at the cemetery after the death is little more than a hallucination. In the shot, her character isn’t wearing her engagement ring — which makes this wedding photo far more intriguing.

While chances are it’s not Rickards buried in that grave, the fact of the matter is that somebody from the show will be saying goodbye and it’s not something the cast is looking forward to.

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“No matter who it is, we’ve been together for four years. The show has been going for four years, these characters are established and they know each other,” she says. “Whoever is in that grave, a part of the machine will be missing and I feel like we’ll know it as a story, we’ll know it as a show, we’ll know it as an audience, we’ll know it as a friend. it’ll be very potent and very heartfelt.”

As for the feelings of the cast and crew once the death comes — or how the characters will react to it within the framework of the show, that remains to be seen.

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“The truth of the matter is you won’t know how it’s going to affect you until it happens, which is the story of anybody’s death,” Rickards says.

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