Coming full circle: Going from talk show host to ‘Judge Jerry’ isn’t as farfetched as you might think for Jerry Springer

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Going from a talk show host to a Judge might be a stretch for any career, but for Jerry Springer it’s actually a return to his roots.

If you’re only awareness of Jerry is the 27 seasons of The Jerry Springer Show, you’re only seeing part of his story.

You see, prior to TV Jerry was a lawyer, receiving his JD from Tulane University. He even spent time on the Cincinnati City Council and was Mayor for a time.

It wasn’t until after his career in politics that he went into broadcast journalism and eventually on to the The Jerry Springer Show.

Regarding Judge Jerry, he says “this is probably the first grown-up job I’ve had in 30 years…it’s really the only thing I was trained in life to do.”

So…TV Judge…Jerry Springer…it’s all fake, right?

Jerry says “these are real cases filed in courtrooms in all 50 states, so I have to know the law in that particular state…it’s a real job and I’m loving it.”

You can see Judge Jerry in action weekdays at 9a and 9:30a on CW33.

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