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PLANO – When Janie and Jacob Burkett created The Biscuit Bar, it was a decision that stemmed from tragedy.

“Jake and I had twin baby girls in September of 2016 and unfortunately, one passed just a few weeks after birth,” Janie Burkett told Newsfix. “We came home around the holiday time. All of our family came together, we have a very large family, they came to our house. And we needed to feed them.”

So, they made biscuits. But there were a lot of demands and preferences.

“I was like, I’m not your short order cook, Burkett said. “We’ll have a biscuit bar. We’ll make all of these things. And everybody can put on it what they want.”

Fast forward 15 months, The Biscuit Bar – in Plano – was born.

“I wanted to have a place that you could have great breakfast food all day,” Jacob Burkett told Newsfix.

A lot of other people feel the same. When Newsfix showed up, there was already a line. And with items like the burger on a biscuit, and the Not a Chicken and Waffle – with fried chicken served on a French toast biscuit – it’s not hard to see why.

Chew on This: The Biscuit Bar’s signature biscuit is the ‘Hoss’ – named after Janie’s late father.

“It’s our biscuit with sausage gravy, fried chicken, honey butter, cheese and bacon,” Janie Burkett said. “It’s kind of a heart attack on a biscuit.”

Toppings and fillings aside, everybody knows the most important part is the biscuit itself. And the Burkett’s use a family recipe.

“The hard part about biscuits is you can underwork them, and you can overwork them,” Jacob Burkett said. “You have to have a feeling about it, it’s all about a feeling. I made 9,000 alone last year just fine tuning that recipe.”

Thousands of biscuits sold, and a bun in the oven later, it’s safe to say this family has all the right ingredients for triumph.

“All of our steps have been ordered,” Janie Burkett said. “We’re just walking down the path and eating some good food while we’re doing it.”