Ashes to Dishes: Artists Uses Remains for Dinnerware!

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SANTA FE, NM — Do you believe in reincarnation? You know, that back to life, back to reality kind of thing?

One artist is flipping the script by bringing back loved ones in the form of ceramics!  Must be because graves are out and mugs are in!

This is real, no tricks involved here. It’s not exactly like that scene from “Ghost,” where they’re making pottery but Justin Crowe, based out of Santa Fe, has a pretty simple process when it comes to his Chronicle Cremation Designs.

He takes the afterlife ashes, mixes them into a food and drink safe glaze, then uses them to coat bowls, vases, coffee cups, urns and of course candle holders.

Obviously, this brings a new meaning to eternal rest.

But whether you think it’s cool or downright creepy, just remember, we are all made out of the dust we walk on.



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