Arrow S06 E17: Drug-induced visions, talking off the ledge, and a simpler focus for Arrow S07?

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Hello, Team Arrow! It's Richard from Zeus Comics!

Wait! Is Arrow storming into Star City PD, taking down cops? Wait! Is Ricardo Diaz being protected by the cops? Wait! Did that cop really say “My wife would have my nuts in a vice?” What is happening?! Oh, a 10 hours-earlier caption. Whew. There might be time to save that cop’s nuts.

With John Diggle having quit Arrow last episode, Oliver only has two allies around him - Deputy Mayor Quentin Lance and Felicity. Curious how Diaz is paying off the cops, Felicity discovers the Star City PD security cams go dark every night for 45 minutes.

When Councilman Kullens delivers news to Oliver of a preliminary impeachment hearing, he also drugs Oliver via a handshake, with a dose of Diaz' Vertigo setting the stage for a hallucinogenic trip -- including the reappearance of Adrian Chase Prometheus.

Lots of back and forth during the drug-induced visions, including Earth One Laurel Lance, Team Outsiders with an oddly masked Wilddog, and an injured Raisa. Despite the nature of fantasy conversations sucking up time for actual plot movement, this was one of Arrow's strongest episodes this season.

Just when Oliver thinks he's in the clean, Quentin pulls him from the impeachment hearing before the Council because Oliver is still hallucinating.

A final warning from a Vertigo-induced Adrian Chase sends a rage-fueled Oliver to take on Diaz at the police department during the nightly security camera blackout. Thankfully, Quentin has caught Felicity up on the situation and we catch back up to the start of the episode.

With Oliver about to get lost in a firefight with Diaz and the force, Felicity talks him off the ledge in a touching and endearing moment. Oliver decides his best course of action is to disband any remaining portions of Team Arrow and Overwatch and take the Green Arrow back to a simpler focus. Is this setting the stage for Season 07 next year?

Our episode ends with Oliver being impeached after his erratic appearance before the council, leaving Quentin as Mayor. And Diaz and Black Siren full-on lounging it up at Star City PD, with Diaz proclaiming his victory! With Star City now under Diaz control, what can Oliver do?

Diaz' eliminates loose threads, but does that include William and Felicity? It's a new Arrow, The Dragon!

Photography by Rueben Gonzales.

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