8 ‘TVD’ Quotes That Would Make Good Episode Titles

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The final season of The Vampire Diaries is about to give us a pretty heavy dose of nostalgia by naming each episode after a quote from previous seasons of the show.

The Season 8 premiere will be aptly named, Hello Brother, as an homage to the fateful line from the pilot, which has since been repeated more times than we can count.

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As for the remaining episodes of the season, there have been way too many beautiful lines of dialogue over the course of seven years to choose which ones make the final cut, but Zap2it picked out a few that would be perfect candidates. Especially when you consider which character says them and to whom.

‘A different kind of monster’

18sqdm 8 TVD quotes that would make good episode titles

Whatever the heck came out of that vault with Damon and Enzo at the end of Season 7, it’s surely not a vampire, werewolf, witch or anything we’ve seen before. Whenever we end up finding out what and who “evil herself” actually is, we’re voting for this line to be the episode title.

‘The worst day of loving someone’


The lovely Elena managed to bring a tear to everyone’s eye when she said, “The worst day of loving someone is the day you lose them.” With rumors swirling about a major character death heading our way in Season 8 — thanks, Kat Graham — we’re pretty sure one of the many lines about death will be title of that particularly morbid episode.

‘I love you all the same’


We can’t tell if it’s the funeral scene or Birdy’s mournful cover of Skinny Love that accompany this line, but we always cry at Uncle John’s (David Anders) goodbye letter to Elena. Seeing as the cure might come back into play in the final season, John’s vampire vs. human debate seems particularly prophetic.

‘I’m never the one’


Caroline’s insecure admission from the pilot has informed so much of her character throughout the years, and her fear of never being anyone’s first choice. This quote would make the perfect title for the episode that she finally does get to be “the one,” whether that means a #SterolineJuneWedding or Caroline finally choosing herself over all the boys in her life.

‘Best. Thanksgiving. Ever.’

18sqih 8 TVD quotes that would make good episode titles

We have a soft spot in our hearts for The Vampire Diaries holiday episodes, especially because they tend to bring all our characters together to murder each other around a table full of delicious food. Lucky for us, we have a built-in title for this year’s Thanksgiving episode.

‘We only go to New Orleans for crappy booze and Klaus blood.’

18squ5 8 TVD quotes that would make good episode titles

On the off chance that the stars (and timelines) align just right for a crossover opportunity, we really can’t imagine a better title than this one. Bonus points for irony if Damon and Stefan do actually end up in New Orleans for something other than booze or blood.

‘It’s okay to love them both’

15148834 8 TVD quotes that would make good episode titles

Regardless of whether or not Nina Dobrev makes her back to The Vampire Diaries for a final episode or two, the love triangle will most likely be getting a serious nod sometime in the course of Season 8. Whichever episode focuses on the Stelena and Delena of it all, we hope this is it’s title.

‘Brothers don’t give up’

18sr6m 8 TVD quotes that would make good episode titles

At the end of the day, The Vampire Diaries is all about the brotherly love, and we’re crossing our fingers for some major Damon and Stefan moments when all is said and done. There are probably dozens of lines between the Salvatore brothers that would do the trick, but we’re partial to Enzo’s line, “Brothers don’t give up.”

The Vampire Diaries returns Oct. 21 at 7 p.m. on CW33.

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