12 Things Every True Texan Loves at The State Fair But Will Never Admit

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By Deah Mitchell , NewsCastic

You can’t live in or visit Texas and not have a State Fair story to share. Growing up in North Texas we had a few amusement parks to choose from: Six Flags for the thrill seekers, Hurricane Harbor for the budding Michael Phelps’ and then there was the gloriously magnificent Texas State Fair for the rest of us. Visit the State Fair of Texas from September 30 – October 23, 2016.


Deah Mitchell

I’m not certain if this is cheating but the vast majority of my favorites are food related. Seriously, you can’t compose a “Top Anything List” for the Texas State Fair and not include food. So you must be familiar with the Big Tex Awards. Every year hundreds of choices are narrowed down to the best “state fair worthy” foods. So, if you’re attending the fair at least FIVE of your purchases must be from this year’s list. It’s not a requirement, but it should be.

Access the full list here

Fletcher’s Original State Fair Corny Dogs

Deah Mitchell

Not included in your homework assignment is to taste five of the newly crowned Big Tex Award winners. Fletcher’s Original State Fair Corny Dogs are an absolute must-have! On average they sell 630,000 of these batter-dipped and hot oil fried sticks of awesomeness.

Texas Tornado Potato

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Another favorite? Texas Tornado Potato. It’s a twisted pile of crispy potatoes seasoned to perfection. But do yourselves a favor. Don’t google the calories. You’re welcome.

Smokey Bacon Margarita – 2015 Most Creative

Photo courtesy of Deah Mitchell

Yes, this is actually a real frozen drink at the Texas State Fair…Smokey Bacon Margarita. In 2015 this by new classic by Isaac Rousso won Most Creative award. Try it for yourself and post your reviews!

Deep-Fried Thanksgiving Dinner is a Winner!

Photo courtesy of: Cene Linares

Justin Martinez submitted this concoction back in 2013 and it was a huge success. As you can see my cousin Cene’ thoroughly enjoyed it.The deep fried ball consisted of stuffing, turkey, and cream corn, which was rolled into a ball, deep-fried, and served with sides of gravy and cranberry sauce. Not sure if it will return this year, but it’s worth going on a hunt to find.

Everyone Loves Saving Money at the State Fair!

Photo courtesy of Deah Mitchell

Let’s be honest. The state fair is super expensive. If you’ve recently won the lottery feel free to stop reading now. The rest of my list is devoted to ways you can save money on either an individual ticket or your family.

-Dr. Pepper reduced admission after 5pm: Any day after 5 p.m. Bring an empty Dr Pepper can and enter for $half off.

-Dr. Pepper Tuesdays: Every Tuesday, bring an empty Dr Pepper can and enter for $5. Most rides on those Tuesdays (excluding the Thrillway, Texas Star, and selected other attractions) are just 6 coupons.

-Alternatively, if you’re a Coke family. Coca-Cola Thursdays: Bring an empty 20 oz. bottle of a Coca-Cola product and enter the Fair for $6 admission on Thursdays.

-McDonald’s Deals: McDonald’s offers $6 children’s general admission with their State Fair coupons (you can find these on tray liner or bag stuffers) any day of the fair. Bring coupon to the gate and SAVE $5 off general admission tickets or HALF OFF a children’s tickets (with purchase of general admission)

Visit the State of Texas State Fair online to plan your activities, access maps to route your itinerary perfectly, or purchase tickets online. www.bigtex.com

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