10 Reasons Why Octavia Blake is Her Own Hero on ‘The 100’

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Friday (June 17) is a very special TGIF because it’s also “Thank God It’s Marie Avgeropoulos’ Birthday Friday.”

In honor of TGIMAF, we’re celebrating Avgeropoulos’ fabulous character Octavia Blake. Octavia has had a seriously rough go of it since she landed on the ground at the beginning of “The 100.” She’s been kidnapped, beaten, betrayed and dismissed, and she’s even lost the love of her life, Lincoln (Ricky Whittle), to a power-hungry mad-man.

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Still, she somehow manages to struggle on, and while she’s not always right or good, you’re always rooting for her. Octavia Blake is a perfect example of why a “strong” female character is actually just a “well-written” female character.

To prove it, we’ve come up with the Top 10 reasons Octavia Blake kicks butt and is her own hero on “The 100.”

She’s got an awesome war cry


She knows teamwork makes the dream work


She’s a good murder teacher


She’s not afraid to be vulnerable

tumblr static tumblr static 640 10 reasons why Octavia Blake is her own hero on The 100

She learned a whole language in less than a year


She’s a sass-master extraordinaire

large 10 reasons why Octavia Blake is her own hero on The 100

She’s got mad fighting skills


She’s totally fearless


She’ll help you through your drugged out hallucinations

giphy8 10 reasons why Octavia Blake is her own hero on The 100


Her motto is “Get knocked down, get back up.”



“The 100” returns to The CW in the spring 2017.

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